Modern Artwork

Modern Art

We offer a wide variety of modern paintings for sale, works of art that include paintings from the end of the 19th century up until the 1970s. Here you can buy abstract artwork on canvas, paintings that are reproduced with care by expert artists who imitate the strokes of the most famous artists in history. Ideal for decoration.

Abstract paintings. Van Gogh reproductions.
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Abstract paintings
Oil paintings

What is Modern Art?

Modern artistic styles are characterized by their risk-taking nature with regard to the aesthetic approach that they want to convey. The masters from the end of the 19th century broke the mold of the prevailing academic pictorial composition.

These geniuses committed to their innovative artistic approach to delight us with their wild creativity, expressed through uninhibited and well-executed brushstrokes. Masters of impressionism such as Joaquín Sorolla, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are the pioneers of what we consider modern painting. After them, figures of innumerable later styles emerged, among those that stand out: expressionism, surrealism, cubism and abstract art.

20th Century Paintings

The paintings most appreciated by collectors today are those from the 20th century. Although it is evident that since the beginning of the Middle Ages numerous masters have stood out, especially Italian and Spanish, it is the paintings of our recent past that most catch the eye of museums, galleries and art buyers.

One of the reasons is that these paintings still circulate in the market, unlike the great classic works that have been bought almost entirely by museums.

Contemporary Artwork

Paintings are considered to be contemporary when they were produced in the 1970s on. The variety of styles that we find today is enormous. Communication allows immediate artistic diffusion, giving rise to opinions practically on the spot.

Today it is much easier to disseminate art, however, to stand out and earn a living with art is reserved only for a select few geniuses of painting or marketing.

Famous Oil Paintings
In spite of the current artistic buzz, classic paintings are the ones that remain in the hearts and minds of the public in general. For example, the cubist works of Pablo Picasso or the abstract art of Joan Miró are not only remembered by most people, but also have strongly influenced the creation of contemporary art. It seems that the tendency of composition created by these and other artists never goes out of style.

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