Quality of our Painting Replicas

When you buy an oil painting in CroxGallery.com, you obtain a unique work of art and decoration. A piece with original texture and maximum quality displaying bright colors and a truly noble, vivid and authentic appearance.

Our Paintings are made 100% by hand, oil on linen canvas. We do not use any type of printing method. Our team of professional artists achieve high quality art, by hand. We check all the details and promise to deliver the maximum quality and original texture of CroxGallery. Learn more

Look at examples of our oil replicas:

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We reproduce the original texture of the piece, offering a natural appearance, such as the artist who created the work of art. Most impressionist pieces use heavy or medium brush strokes. Other painting styles, for example, The Mona Lisa (classic style), is made using soft brush strokes. Each painting style has its technique, exactly how it was created.

CroxGallery’s reproductions are made to last for years. They are high quality, 100% hand-painted by professional artists. We use the best oil paints on weaved linen canvases, to achieve high quality works of art that stand out in their coloring, texture and duration.

We check carefully all our paintings before shipping to make sure they fulfill all our requirements of similarity with the originals. We only work with professional artists, capable of replicating faithfully the brushstrokes drawn on the canvas by the greatest artists.